Five-Star Dining At Home
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SHOOR DIY: Five-Star Dining At Home

It’s that time of the year again! It’s the time when young lovers and married couples in their golden years alike all take a day to celebrate love. Valentine’s Day is a special day, no matter the circumstances the year may bring. Almost a year into the pandemic, establishments are opening up and your favorite restaurants are starting to welcome guests again. Despite this, your safest bet will still be to stay and dine at home, and spend Hearts’ Day alone with your SO. This being said, what’s Valentine’s without a special meal? Forego the reservations and the overpriced meals, and make the 14th even more memorable with a fine dining experience at home! Newbie in the kitchen? Not to worry, we here at SHOOR have got you covered with our extensive collection of experiences ready to up your culinary game.

1. Apéritif

Whether it’s your first, tenth, or even fiftieth Valentine’s Day together, it’s always a celebration in its own right. So what better way to revel in your relationship than with a bit of alcohol? Kick off your dinner date with a light cocktail! In case you missed it, here’s our own list of 12 DIY Bartending Hacks you can easily try to elevate your dining experience at home. There’s something there for every alcohol-drinker, whether you like it fun and bubbly or smooth and complex. We personally recommend the Watermelon Moscato Slush for a refreshing start to your evening.

2. Entrée

Can’t drink with an empty stomach, right? An easy way to level home dining up a notch or two is with a knockout appetizer. For this meal, we recommend a simple, yet impressive charcuterie board with ingredients sourced from your nearest deli. Säntis Delicatessen is a great choice for this, as you can usually find all the items you need in one store, including a pre-arranged board. Our suggestions: smoked gouda, brie, and truffle noir for the dairy; salami, prosciutto, and air-dried ham for the meat; and of course crackers and grapes. We encourage you to select your meats and cheeses on your own to make the board truly your own creation.

3. Plat Principal

When thinking of the most romantic places in the world, most people would probably think of a country in Europe. So what better way to make dinner more romantic than with a European tour. Before you go checking for discount flights, we mean travelling with your tastebuds. No visas required. You can find an in-depth cooking class right here on SHOOR led by Ally Madamba, teaching you how to cook five different dishes from the world’s most romantic continent. The Beef Bourguignon is a sure winner, and the Paella Valenciana is a must-have. Rice is life.

4. Vin

Wine-pairing may seem complicated, but it’s a largely subjective practice based on an objective foundation. While there are best practices and recommended pairings, there’s really no way to get it wrong as long as you enjoy what you’re drinking. We’ve hosted several wine-pairing workshops and masterclasses on SHOOR, but for those who missed out, there’s a multitude of guides out there to help you get started. Here’s one from Food & Wine that’s comprehensive, but easy to follow.

5. Salade

The salad may be widely considered a side when dining casually, but for intimate dining at home, it’s a course on its own. We’re not talking about random greens tossed in a bowl with an inordinate amount of dressing. This is the course that will really make the experience stand out, as you’re taking the supporting act and making it shine. A nice Caprese salad will do quite nicely in this situation. All you need is mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper, and a balsamic vinegar drizzle. You can find a step-by-step recipe right here.

6. Dessert

A hearty meal isn’t complete without dessert. We’re hitting two birds with one stone here, as we’ll also be serving this exquisite dining-at-home experience’s coffee course. The affogato is as simple yet delicious as it gets. Just brew your favorite morning pick-me-up and pour over a cup of vanilla ice cream. For the best results, you can consult our list of local coffee brands and our coffee brewing masterclass with Lanz Castillo right here on SHOOR.

7. Digestif

Let’s end the night how we started it—with a cocktail in hand. Instead of enticing the palate, this course serves as the nightcap, helping you settle down with a delicious beverage. If home bartending isn’t your cup of tequila, you’re free to check out our list of our cocktail delivery favorites. Don’t worry, we won’t tell. We recommend Tara’s bottled whiskey sour or maybe Int.Bar’s Citizen Kane for an Old Fashioned with a twist!

Marco Genato

Marco Genato

Marco Genato is a content writer for SHOOR. Got a question on coffee? He’s your guy. The finer details of photography, the latest and greatest stats in the NBA—Marco’s always got a hot take for those, too.
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