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CASE STUDY: GOMO Halloween VR360 Escape Room


GOMO had it mind to locally promote their products in a way that was aligned with their #WeDontStop brand personality.



SHOOR, in partnership with Breakout Philippines, looked to gamification and designed a series of immersive horror-themed escape rooms that can be accessed through desktop computers, tablets, and other mobile devices. The four virtual escape rooms filled with GOMO easter eggs were rolled out during Halloween season, and are the first in the world to be produced in real-life with VR360 technology. The usage of VR360 technology amplified the ambiance of the experience and ultimately pointed to the GOMO x SHOOR partnership as a leader in ground-breaking concepts. The release of the escape rooms resulted in tens of thousands of brand engagements.


Access the four escape rooms for FREE on SHOOR:



Attempt to learn more about your stalker here.



Click here to navigate creepy casino.



Try to escape the room through this link.



Select this link to uncover the diner’s secrets.


Did the GOMO Halloween Escape Room project interest you? Visit our page to see what we’re working on next or send us a message ( chat more about what we can do.

Elle Ayroso

Elle Ayroso

An adrenaline junkie at heart, Elle Ayroso is always on the hunt for the extreme and unusual. On her calmer days, she insists on adding to her massive list of watched films.
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