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Best Experience Gift Ideas for Everyone You Know

When it comes to stuff, there are two types of people: The ones who just buy what they want when they see it, and the ones who drop everyone “I-wish-I-had” hints like Hansel and Gretel drop breadcrumbs. Either way, the toughest part about getting someone stuff is figuring out if they already have it. Lucky for you, we have solutions that are more than just plain ol’ stuff–they’re experience gifts that are sure to make great lasting memories.


Culinary nirvana with Candid Coffee’s sensory cupping

Get the best for the best when you book this 1-on-1 Coffee Masterclass with the mind behind the much raved about Candid Coffee. Lanz Castillo and his discerning palate can take your dad on a discovery journey that will teach him the difference of good coffee and great coffee. Keep your fingers crossed, Lanz might just convert your pops to the daily brew life!

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Peace of mind with Joshua Webb

Are you (and your siblings, if applicable) finally feeling guilty for the gray hairs you’ve given your mom? You can’t take back the years, but you can certainly help her destress. Joshua Webb’s years of experience in the wellness industry has made him one of the most flexible instructors for different fitness levels. With his guidance on fundamentals, your mom can prove that peace of mind has no age!


Post-workout euphoria with Richard Liao Fitness

If your brother misses gym time with his friends here’s an idea: Set him up with a new workout buddy! Coach Richard Liao is not just a workout pro your brother can share a laugh with–he can also make your bro work hard towards his fitness goals.


Encouragement with Beyond Tarot Manila

Surprise your sister with the unique gift experience of personalised tarot card reading. Led by Raphael Resus of Beyond Tarot Manila, this version of the tarot experience is focused on understanding rather than prediction, placing an emphasis on introspection and self-worth. Raphael’s soothing voice will mark your sister’s way to finding inspiration within herself, and hopefully it also marks your way to becoming her favorite (if not only) sibling.

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Seeds of vitality with Ria Bagatsing

The desire for green calm knows no age! Ria Bagatsing of the organic Kahariam Farms has a fun indoor gardening workshop for your grandparents to enjoy at their leisure. Look forward to a happy and green home to enjoy or visit when they finish up!


Deadly mixology knowledge from Tabitha Rice

Have you ever had the legendary 15 Shots of Boracay? It’s certainly an experience to remember (or not, depending on which side of the bed you woke up on). Allow your best friend to harness the awesome power of the 15 Shots with this mixology class by bubbly Kampai barista Tabitha Rice with this genius gift idea. Pro and con: Unforgettable nights you might forget.


A battle of wits with GeekSpeak’s Trivia Night

It’s all fun and games until the competition heats up! Vie to be kings or queens of trivia night as you and your colleague attempt to answer quizmaster Jiggy Cruz’s dastardly questions. This bestselling quiz night is sure hit for anyone who loves a challenge.


A bevy of experience options

What’s that? Someone you didn’t expect to give you a present did just that? Return the favour threefold when you open up a world of experiences for them with the SHOOR GC. With everything from film discussions to virtual reality, there’s something in store for everyone.

Whoever said that happiness can’t be bought is lying–experience gifts are happiness in bows. Be different, give experiences instead of gifts!

What did you think of these recommendations? Perhaps you want to be the gift? SHOOR is currently conducting an Open Call for fresh talent. Send us an email on [email protected] or visit this page.

Elle Ayroso

Elle Ayroso

An adrenaline junkie at heart, Elle Ayroso is always on the hunt for the extreme and unusual. On her calmer days, she insists on adding to her massive list of watched films.
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