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SHOOR Best of 2020: Amazing Local Brands Born in Lockdown

“Support small” took over our feeds this year as the COVID-19 pandemic swept the nation. With nothing but time, savvy aspiring entrepreneurs took the opportunity to upskill and help out our Filipino brothers and sisters. Amidst the chaos of economic downturn then rose a new breed of side (or even main!) hustles, built to adapt to the needs and wants of the new normal.

From food to fashion to home, we’ve looked high and low to bring you the most interesting pandemic-born local brands. Check out our finds below:


Dedicated to promoting Filipino culture, this livelihood impact project offers you an opportunity to help a community of weavers amidst the pandemic. Proudly represent the different tribes and regions all over the Philippines when you wear one of their handwoven masks!

Mask For A Cause PH


Why support one local brand when you can support them all and stock your pantry at the same time? The Seven Pantry has curated a wide list of excellent locally-sourced products for your online grocery needs. Their offerings are seasonal, so checking them out will always be exciting!

The Seven Pantry

Rather cook your own food? Go on a European flavour tour with this online cooking masterclass!


We’re not about to forget that food and drink always comes hand in hand. Take the stress out of mixing your own cocktails with Quarantini MNL. Fun and ridiculously affordable, this drink option’s only issue is: Which one will you pick?

Quarantini MNL

If you’re insistent on a food and bev experience that’s a package deal, check out Wolfgang’s Steak and Wine night.


The team behind this brand is determined to open alternative means of education for your child if online school is not enough! They have chosen a collection of supplementary learning material originally designed for homeschooling and have made them available for public purchase. They also arrange online activities and playdates to make sure your child has opportunities to socialise.

Home Learning & Living

PAPEL NI JUAN (Office Supplies)

With school and work moving to homes, the demand for paper has skyrocketed–although not everyone is able to afford what they need. Papel Ni Juan has pledged to donate 5 reams of paper to partner organisations for every 100 reams sold, all because of the simple idea of providing every Filipino access to affordable, good quality paper. Papel Ni Juan is supported by Vice President Leni Robredo.

Papel Ni Juan


One of the local brands that have decided to take on the sudden hot and cold weather swings is doing it with the classic daster! These dasters are not your typical pambahay–choose between timeless cuts and splashes of colour as designed by local skilled workers in Taytay, Rizal. 



Mascne (mask acne) or more got you down? You might be able to find your solutions online with MySkin Specialists. Champions of holistic dermcare, Dr Mary Singson and Dr Alma Atilano-Baustia offer teleconsultation services to keep you safe and glowing.

MySkin Specialists


Calling all plantitos and plantitas! Care for your plants with Beyond Botanical’s must-have kits and “potions.” Get care tips as you browse their pleasing feed, and keep your eyes open for their coveted restocks.

Beyond Botanical

Haven’t got any green loves just yet? Start your plant care journey with this Indoor Gardening workshop with Ria Bagatsing of Kahariam Farms.


Hankering for some change after working on the same table day after day? Give your surfaces some new life with this cost-effective interior design upgrade. A mix of resin and decorative specks, REDDI Flake’s solution is strong enough to withstand frequent cleaning and heavy foot traffic.



Speaking of resin, one of the biggest trends to have grabbed our attention was functional resin art. If you love gold pieces tingled with jewel tones and pastel hues, Lyt’s serving trays will be up your alley.

LYT Lifestyle

Did you like this list? Did you think we missed out on any other pandemic-born local brands in the Philippines? We certainly hope that you’ve been inspired by these stories to support local brands!

Got an idea for your own quarantine hustle? Send an email to [email protected] with your thoughts–you just might be able to hustle your way to SHOOR’s silver screen!

Elle Ayroso

Elle Ayroso

An adrenaline junkie at heart, Elle Ayroso is always on the hunt for the extreme and unusual. On her calmer days, she insists on adding to her massive list of watched films.
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