Deep Red as one of the Scariest Movies
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10 Excellent Horror Movies You Need to Watch

October, the month of spooks and scares, is coming to an end, and you know what that means. Halloween is almost here, so it’s time to ramp up the fright factor! Our typical Halloween parties filled with creative costumes, freaky makeup, and sexy whatevers are out of the question, but we can still celebrate All Hallow’s Eve with an unforgettable frightfest. SHOOR has already curated a list of alternative activities for Halloween, and now we’ve got 10 movies ranging from classic Halloween films to overlooked modern horrors for a celebration that will have you cowering behind your couch.

1. Hell House LLC (2015)

2015’s Hell House LLC is a hidden gem in the horror genre. This low-budget must-see is shot in a found-footage, documentary style complete with witness interviews and a shaky camera. The story follows a film crew visiting the site of a mysterious massacre at the opening of a haunted house that left 15 people dead. It’s a campy horror flick that doesn’t try being anything it’s not, and instead makes the most of what it’s got. You can watch this Terror Films picture for free on Tubi TV.

2. Suspiria (1977)

The classic Suspiria, released in 1977, is an Italian supernatural horror that follows a girl named Suzy as she tries to settle into her new school in Germany. Students start dying left and right at the school, prompting Suzy to investigate and uncover the dark goings-on at the academy. The Dario Argento-directed film is a definite must-watch for fans of international and horror pictures alike. You can find this occult classic for free on Tubi TV as well.

3. Rubber (2010)

This 2010 cult classic is about a car tire that gains sentience and goes on a killing spree through the California desert. One might easily write the plot off as one of a cheesy B-movie, but Rubber delivers campy, old-school horror in a way not seen with other films in the genre. It’s a unique, self-aware satirical piece that’s definitely worth a viewing party. Rubber can be found on PopcornFlix for free.

4. I Saw the Devil (2010)

Korean film I Saw the Devil is like no other horror or thriller movie out there. The story begins when a taxi driver brutally murders a woman and chucks her head into a river. Little does he know, the woman’s fiancé is a trained secret agent who will stop at no cost to exact revenge. What ensues is a twisted game of cat and mouse orchestrated by the devastated lover. This film will have you questioning where one draws the line and where your sympathy should lie. You can also find this movie for free on PopcornFlix.

5. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

This 2003 Korean horror follows a pair of sisters who, upon returning home from a stint at a mental health facility, have begun being haunted by their late mother. The pair, along with their stepmother, desperately try to find a way to deal with the restless spirit and uncover the truth. A Tale of Two Sisters, with its twists and terrifying scares, is a sterling example of why Asian horror is in a league of its own. This Kim Jee-woon film is available for viewing for free.

6. The Ritual (2017)

2017 was a year chock-full of blockbuster horror films such as It, Get Out, Mother!, and more. Thus, The Ritual unfortunately flew under most people’s radar. Following a group of hikers in a Scandinavian forest, this British horror-mystery is a slow yet terrifying film that expertly builds a feeling of dread throughout. This movie is available right now on Netflix, and we strongly suggest giving it a go.

7. Under the Shadow (2016)

The terrors of war and supernatural forces come together in this unique and memorable Persian picture. When a missile cursed with Middle-Eastern spirits hits their building, Shideh must protect herself and her daughter against the malevolent specters trying to possess them. Under the Shadow sheds light on the horrible realities in war-torn countries and adds a terrifying supernatural twist. This 2016 film is also ready for viewing on Netflix.

8. Deep Red (1975)

Another Dario Argento classic, 1975’s Deep Red is a horror-mystery that follows a pianist, Marcus, who discovers the body of a psychic medium. Shouldering the responsibility of finding the murderer, he teams up with a reporter to investigate an ever-growing string of homicides. Also known as The Hatchet Murders, this film is another example of why Dario Argento is considered the “Master of the Thrill.” You can catch Deep Red for free on PopcornFlix

9. The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015)

This A24 film’s star-studded cast is no stranger to horror with Sabrina star Kiernan Shipka, Apostle actress Lucy Bonyton, and American Horror Story’s Emma Roberts leading the way. The story follows three young women as evils, both of this world and not, terrorize them. With a tense, heavy atmosphere and an unforgettable score to match, this movie is worth a slot in your macabre marathon, and it can be found on Netflix.

10. Cam (2018)

Simply put, this is a very scary movie. What makes this film special is the uniquely modern elements that hit close to home. This internet-inspired horror follows a camgirl who sees her livelihood, and her life, threatened as a mysterious woman takes over her identity online. With a story partially drawn from real-life experiences, Cam was well received by critics and fans alike. You can find this film on Netflix.


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Marco Genato

Marco Genato

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