8 Beauty Services You Can Get At Home
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8 Beauty Services You Can Get At Home

As salons remained closed throughout lockdown, the search results for “DIY salon treatments” and “DIY haircut” inevitably spiked. Regular trims, color retouching, and weekly mani-pedis are suddenly gone from our calendars. This left us with disaster cuts, grown-out roots, naked nails, or just really long hair. While there are a few superior beings that managed to master the art of pampering at home, there’s still the majority that long to step inside a salon once again without running any risks. Good news for us, however, is that you can now get beauty services at home.

1. The Color Bar PH

If you’re still undecided about having a major hair change, then The Color Bar PH’s vibrant portfolio should convince you easily enough. Aside from full color, they also offer a variety of other coloring services like highlights, balayage, and even brolights, in addition to your normal array of haircutting services, treatments, and mani-pedis. The Color Bar’s home services include a 5% fee and a fixed transport cost based on your location. To book an appointment, contact 0917 527 5387.

2. The Beauty Concierge

The Beauty Concierge brings the spa to you. With comprehensive spa and derma services that will make you feel transformed, each treatment is tailor-fit to your liking and conducted by highly-qualified therapists and carefully-selected dermatologists. Take your pick from their range of services like nail and lash care, facials, slimming services, hair removal, and more. Services are limited to Metro Manila and signature packages are also available. For more information, check them out here.

3. Azta Urban Salon

Ready to get a chop? Azta is making sure that their home service program keeps you safe and looking fabulous. The staff is equipped with PPEs and trained in proper precautionary measures, which includes proper screening, sanitation, and social distancing. Home service is available daily from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM with a minimum transaction of Php 3,000, so best to get the entire family involved! Transactions are cashless via bank transfer, GCash, or PayMaya, and the transportation fee will be determined on the day of (limited within Metro Manila only). To book an appointment, call 0915 829 7965 for northern residents, and 0927 422 4442 for southern ones.

4. Piandré Salon

With decades of experience under their belt, Piandré Salon is now letting you have beauty services at home. They offer haircuts, hair treatments, mani-pedis, foot spas, and waxing services to round out your spa day. Transactions should be a minimum of Php 3,000 with a transportation fee of Php 500 within Metro Manila and Php 1,000 for nearby areas like Laguna and Rizal. A 50% down payment is also required. To book an appointment, check out their site here.

5. Nailaholics

Give your hands some TLC! They’ve been through a lot. Nailaholics offers mani-pedis and leg waxing for a full me-day at home. To add to the relaxation, they also do their best to bring the salon’s beachy feel to you with white noise and tropical equipment. For more information, check out their website here.

6. Culture Salon

Jim Ryan Ros and Francis Guintu’s Culture Salon is an expert at providing luxurious experiences. The salon offers a variety of services and treatments, all of which exclusively use Aveda, which as of August 2019 is now a 100% vegan brand. If you have the opportunity to venture outside, they also offer after-hours services at the salon for a minimum spend of Php 6,000. To book an appointment, contact 8-367-2061, 0917 193 1191, or book through their website here.

7. Hairshaft Salon

Time to freshen up your look for your never-ending slew of Zoom meetings. Treat yourself to beauty services at home with Hairshaft. As long as you have an open space or garden, the salon is ready to take their services on the road. For more information, contact their nearest branch.

8. Posh Nails

Posh Nails wants you to #NailTheDay. Equipped with much precaution, the ultimate self-care experience includes services like gel and regular mani-pedis, foot spas, massages, nail whitening, paraffin dips, and more. The staff will be in full PPE as an added safety measure. To book an appointment, message Posh Nails at 0915 068 1488 on WhatsApp or Viber.

We all deserve to pamper ourselves every once in a while, especially during a stressful time. Browse through SHOOR’s catalogue of online experiences and in-person experiences for fun and exciting activities to release some of that stress.

Andy Lam

Andy Lam

Andy Lam is a writer by day and an artist by midnight. She’s usually found at home, living on a steady diet of films, television, and bites of pop culture. She loves hand lettering and has an ongoing feud with the letter S.
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