SHOOR Alcohol Drink Guide
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It’s 5PM Somewhere: SHOOR Drinking Guide

We’ve been claiming it since early 2020, when the year was starting to look like a lost cause. And we’ll continue to do so—2021 will be our year. The past year felt like a blurry string of unfortunate events, blindsiding us at every turn, but we’ll be ready this go-around.

We’re ready to take things in stride, celebrate every little victory, and grab life by the lemons and make lemonade. Having said that, we thought an alcohol drink guide might be a symbolic way to kick things off.

This trip around the sun might be off to a rocky start, but we’re in control. Ups and downs will always come, so the best thing we can do is to remember to stop and smell the rosé. In this blog, we’re giving you an alcohol drink guide on how to perfectly pair the day’s mood, occasion, or agenda with the right beverage.

1. The Workday Nightcap

Alcohol Drink Guide: The Tasting Club Manila Wine

A significant number of us may still be working from home, but that doesn’t save us from the sometimes overwhelming workloads, stressful meetings, and toxic coworkers. What that does save us from is the overpriced drinks at the bar near the office.

For when you just need the alcohol-assisted wind-down at the end of a long day, a glass or two of wine goes a long way. Some Chardonnay to go along with a seafood dinner will leave you a lot more relaxed throughout the night. Alternatively, you can opt for a nice Merlot paired with a rant, and laughter-filled phone call with one of your besties.

Step your pairing game up a notch and stay tuned for our wine drinking guides on SHOOR, in partnership with The Tasting Club Manila.

2. The E-numan

Alcohol Drink Guide: The Cebruery Craft Beer

It’s the 2020 replacement for nights out in the town or at the local watering hole. If there’s one good thing that came out of last year, it’s that we found another way to reconnect with our friends without all the hassle of arranging logistics.

What’s more, the virtual drinking sessions you share with your IRL drinking buddies are a great way to experiment with new alcoholic drinks! You’re no longer limited to your favorite bar’s selection and, instead, the internet is your menu. Plus, you don’t have to argue with your friends whether to get a bucket of Lights or Pilsens!

The Cebruery is a prime example of a microbrewery with an online presence and wide assortment of craft beers to choose from. You can learn more about The Cebruery and their drinks on the next Craft Beer Tasting Flight on SHOOR.

3. The Rainy Evening Indoors

Alcohol Drink Guide: Spirit of Seoul Soju Cocktails

You’ve made it through the week, and now all you want to do is unwind and spoil yourself all weekend long.

It’s Saturday night, and the only thing you want to think about is what to watch next on Netflix or Upstream. You snuggle up under a comforter as a light drizzle begins, making a chill evening all the more cozy. The only thing missing is a drink!

Grab a pack of Yakult and some soju, and you’re all set. This combo makes for a nice, flavorful beverage you can take sipping or by the glass, depending on your mixture and drinking tolerance level. If you really want to make the night perfect and plan things out to the fullest, you can get an estimate of your alcohol tolerance level with a blood alcohol content calculator!

Tired of the old soju, Yakult, and Sprite mix? Join Carina Gonzales’ online alcohol drink guide with Spirit of Seoul as she creates new soju mixes inspired by Korean pop idols BTS, BLACKPINK, and TWICE.

4. The Celebration

Alcohol Drink Guide: A'Toda Madre Tequila

Your best friend got engaged? Shots! You just got promoted? Shots! It’s finally payday? Shots! Life’s full of small victories and reasons to celebrate. It’s just up to us to recognize them.

Whether it’s the grandest of milestones or the most minute of triumphs, give yourself a break and a shot while you’re at it. Call up your best buds, line up the tequila, and make it a night to remember (optional).

A’Toda Madre’s assortment of tequilas is an outstanding choice for nights like those. They have excellent flavor profiles that will leave you wanting more. Stay tuned for a tequila masterclass about the country’s only mezcaleria and its flagship drink right here on SHOOR.

These are just rough guidelines for beverage selection and pairing. It’s up to you how you want to consume your alcohol! Looking for a fun experience to pair your favorite drink with? Check out SHOOR’s online experiences and in-person activities so you can loosen up, live a little, and enjoy. Just remember to drink moderately and responsibly.

Marco Genato

Marco Genato

Marco Genato is a content writer for SHOOR. Got a question on coffee? He’s your guy. The finer details of photography, the latest and greatest stats in the NBA—Marco’s always got a hot take for those, too.
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