Top 18 Accidentally Vegan Snacks You Can Find Anywhere
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18 Vegan Snacks You Can Find In Groceries

There are a few things that come to mind when people tell you to go vegan: the common misconception that healthy vegan snacks don’t taste good, it’s an expensive and unsustainable move to make, and the scarcity of vegan food stops many in their tracks before they even begin. In truth, vegan snacks aren’t limited to tubs of hummus or fancy vegan snack brands with sealed packets of various dried fruit. These are the healthy vegan snacks you can only get in health stores like The Vegan Grocer. What you probably don’t know is that a lot of them are actually affordable and easily available at your local grocery, and we’ve listed more than a couple of accidentally vegan snacks to buy that you may already enjoy or that we think are worth trying.

1. Oreo

Beloved childhood snack Oreos—the stuff that dreams are made of—are vegan. Fair warning to people who strictly adhere to the diet, because while Oreo’s ingredients are vegan, they have been revealed to have milk as cross-contact.

2. Boy Bawang

It’s fried corn with garlic. Name a better combo.

3. Marty’s Cracklin’

This accidentally vegan chicharon snack is animal-friendly, with the exception of the Inasal variant. Plus, it’s cholesterol-free!

4. Chicharron ni Mang Juan

Another type of vegetarian chicharon, Chicharron ni Mang Juan comes in a variety of vinegar flavors.

5. Lay’s Potato Chips

You guessed it, just potato, oil, and salt. This also extends to Lay’s Stax.

6. Kettle Chips

All the goodness of a potato chip in sophisticated flavors like Jalapeno, Honey Dijon, and Pepperoncini.

7. Nagaraya

You can enjoy Nagaraya in all its crunchy goodness—guilt-free. Plus, no palm oil!

8. Oishi Potato Fries (Tomato Ketchup, Plain Salted)

Potato, salt, and oil prove to be a no-fail formula for accidentally vegan snacks, but this time you can get it in Tomato Ketchup flavor.

9. Ridges

The crispy, tangy chips are often a crowd-favorite, so it’s lovely to know they’re vegan, too.

10. Pik-Nik

Good news to those who can down a huge tube of these in one sitting: the famous stringy fries have no animal by-products in them.

11. Planters Dry Roasted Pistachios

Turns out, eating pistachios not only makes you heart-healthy, but it’s also vegan, too!

12. Pringles Original

Potato, salt, and oil in the shape of a hyperbolic paraboloid. Can’t get any simpler than that.

13. Regent Sweet Corn

Who knew that this all-time Pinoy favorite is an accidentally vegan snack?

14. Ruffles Original Potato Chips

While the salt content might not do your kidney any favors, they don’t contain any animal byproducts.

15. Polo Mints

A nice after-meal mint for fresh breath all around.

16. Magic Flakes

A quick accidentally vegan snack that’s relatively cheap and super accessible.

17. Skyflakes

Another convenient snack, Skyflakes is also found in almost every local grocery as well as sari-sari stores.

18. Marby (Hotdog Rolls, Superloaf, Whole Wheat Bread)

Breakfast and merienda made better with Marby’s vegan bread products. If you can’t find it at the supermarket, Pan de Manila’s plain pan de sal is also vegan.

Accidentally vegan snacks are a good start towards a “healthier” lifestyle. Looking into furthering your self-improvement game? Check out SHOOR’s catalog of online experiences for classes, workshops, and a ton of other amazing in-person experiences to help you reach your goal.

Andy Lam

Andy Lam

Andy Lam is a writer by day and an artist by midnight. She’s usually found at home, living on a steady diet of films, television, and bites of pop culture. She loves hand lettering and has an ongoing feud with the letter S.
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