4 Best Local Online Comedy Shows in the Philippines
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4 Local Online Comedy Shows to Check Out

When push comes to shove, sometimes all you need is a big laugh. Luckily, not only does the internet offer a wealth of entertainment, but it also allows you to discover talent right in your own backyard. We’ve rounded up a few local comedians that have a Ph.D. in funny and have local specials coming soon to your screens. Sit tight, strap in, and mark the date or access them at your own convenience. Here are a few local online comedy shows to check out this February:

SHOOR Ka Na Ba? A Valentine’s and CNY Comedy Special

February 12, 2021

Laughter isn’t the only thing they’re serving in this seasonal comedy show. Settle in for some good old-fashioned entertainment with a dazzling lineup of Manila’s best. Catch Stanley Chi, “Mr. Suplado” himself, known for his Tsinoy observational humor, along with the country’s premier ventriloquist and Palanca Award-winner Ony Carcamo, corporate magician JB Dela Cruz, and veteran comedians Derf Hebrado and Uli Oposa.

Improv for Lockdown Lovers by Third World Improv

February 13, 2021

On the fly? No problem. Let the quick-witted performers of Third World Improv take you and your significant other through a Valentine bonding experience like no other. Stay in on the joke as a workshop participant while they give you a shot at performing, and keep the joke running. Who knows? You might just have a knack for improv.

New Love: An Improvised Performance by SPIT

February 25, 2021

Valentine’s Day isn’t over with SPIT or “Silly People’s Improv Theater” as they take you on a spontaneous ride with New Love: An Improv Performance. It’s an online comedy show where you not only get to be an integral part of these silly people’s performance, but also where no one – not even the actors! – know what’s going to happen next. Intrigued yet?

Bago Sila, Kami Muna! A LIVE Stand-Up Comedy Special featuring The KoolPals

February 27, 2021

Comedy Manila is putting all their cards on the table. In case you missed their first show, catch the KoolPals’ newest offering. Muman Reyes, Ryan Rems, GB Labrador, James Caraan, and Nonong Ballinan have conquered everything from international stages to the crazy local scene, and now they’re ready to take over your screens. They’ll be cracking wise about everything from the mundane to kooky current events that will keep you laughing all night long.

They weren’t kidding when they said laughter is the best medicine. Luckily we have that by the bucket. Find your slice of humor from any of these insanely talented comedians right here on SHOOR. Check out our online comedy shows at the SHOOR Entertainment page.

Andy Lam

Andy Lam

Andy Lam is a writer by day and an artist by midnight. She’s usually found at home, living on a steady diet of films, television, and bites of pop culture. She loves hand lettering and has an ongoing feud with the letter S.
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