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Creating Healthy Spaces: Nurturing A Balanced Home

Creating Healthy Spaces: Nurturing A Balanced Home

Foster good energy and positive vibes in your home through thoughtful interior design and next-level organization. Get tips and lessons from interior designer Wilmer Lopez and certified KonMari consultant Christine Dychiao at our free webinar in partnership with Alveo Land.


Virtual Reality City Tour

Take a tour like no other as you circle the globe from the historic monuments of Ancient Rome to the magnificent New York cityscape. No long lines or airport security either, just a world to be discovered one city at a time.


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Jorge J.
April 21, 2020

Highly recommended!

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Jose Kristian R.
May 10, 2020

This company provides very cool experience for me and also for my group of friends! A must try!

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Kenneth Anthony D.
February 19, 2020

Shoor was very accommodating and help the customer with their request, I would recommend this. Looking forward to the next Experience with you. I'll definitely go with them again.

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Francis B.
February 5, 2020

I really liked the experience, getting to relax my mind and body for a weekend really helped! Hoping for the next one!

Our agenda? To provide you with a selection of specially curated online experiences, each one a definite must-try. The SHOOR approach? Go big at home.
Whether it’s inspiration for a new hobby or skills to kick-start your passion project, SHOOR indoor activities will have you hooked and eager for what’s next.
Join SHOOR and discover a world of stories to share, memories to make, and things to do and enjoy the living daylights out of.

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